Driving Lessons

Our modern automatic electric car provides you with a comfortable, relaxing space to learn to drive.  It is filled with the latest driving aids and safety devices which makes learning to drive so much easier. With over 15 years experience of teaching people to drive we can help you pass your driving test too.

There are many advantages to learning to drive in an automatic car, the most obvious being that there is no clutch and you never have to worry about your gears.

Some of the advantages of automatic cars that many people forget about are:

  • they offer a smoother drive
  • they never stall
  • there are less distractions when making important decisions
  • they are easier to stop and move off
  • they are easier to reverse

Another major advantage is all hybrid and electric cars are automatic. This means that the most efficient cars are now automatic which could significantly reduce your running costs when you pass your test.  These vehicles are now becoming so popular that they are no longer expensive to buy.

To book your automatic driving lessons please call 07961 850349.

When you book with us, we automatically send you a text reminder 24 hours before your driving lesson so you never forget about your lesson.

Our office is open 5 days a week (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) where you will be able to get help booking, changing or checking a driving lesson.


With the government announcing that all vehicles must be electric or plug in hybrid, that means that all new cars will be automatic by 2030 because there are manufacturers planning to produce manual electric or plug in hybrid.  The reason for that is the original cars of the 1800s were electric and didn't need a gearbox. Obviously the early batteries couldn't take the car far so the internal combustion engine was introduced. The only reason the gearbox was added was due to the inefficiency of the internal combustion engine.  Remove the internal combustion engine and there is no need for the gearbox.

It is predicted that around 60% of new cars sold in the UK in 2021 will be automatic.



Some benefits of learning with Birket Driver Training

  • Modern automatic cars
  • Electric cars
  • Dual controlled cars
  • Free text reminder so you don't forget about your driving lesson