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Birket Driver Training

Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons across Liverpool & the Wirral

Welcome to Birket Driver Training

Are you looking to pass your driving test?

At Birket Driver Training, we have many years of experience of teaching people to drive across Liverpool and the Wirral in both manual and automatic cars and male and female driving instructors.  

Our reputation is everything to us, which is why we supply high quality driving lessons in a modern fleet of driving school vehicles with only the best driving instructors.

We can also offer eco friendly driving lessons.  In 2016 we became the first driving school in Merseyside to offer driving lessons in a fully electric car which is a zero emission car.  This car drives exactly the same as a petrol or diesel car but offers a much smoother drive with a lot less noise which helps to give your driving lesson a nice calm atmosphere.  This will become the norm over the next decade as more and more car manufacturers are making the move to BEV (battery electric vehicles) and PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles)

Learning to drive with Birket Driver Training

All of our driving instructors are fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors and display a green licence in their windscreen to show this.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our instructors will help you to remain calm whilst in control of the vehicle and learn to become a confident driver. 

Our driving instructors can pick you up from your home, college or work - just let your driving instructor know when you book your driving lesson.

Our driving lessons last for a FULL 60 minutes or multiples thereof. Some driving schools only have 50 minute lessons.

Your progress will be logged on our unique training record so that you both you and your driving instructor can monitor your progress.

You will receive a FREE automated text message reminder 24 hours before your driving lesson so that you don't forget about your next driving lesson.

Not all driving schools are the same

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